Timothy Boyd studies & designs digital products.

Timothy Boyd is a digital product designer & researcher working towards helping people better understand themselves through the thoughtful and humane design of information and the media & technology that delivers it.

He's worked since the late 1990's on products for organizations like Blockbuster, Dish Network, Sling Media, Guggenheim Museum, American Express, and more. He has an MS in Information & Library Science from Pratt Institute, where he serves as a visiting instructor in the School of Art & Design.

Timothy is also the founder of Fewer Media LLC, which publishes Ambient Music Blog and Ambient Music Blog Podcast, connecting thousands of interested listeners worldwide to handcrafted & experimental ambient music.

He is a daily runner and Arsenal Football Club supporter.

Timothy was born in the Midwestern United States and lives in New York City with his dog, George.

He blogs at Thinking About Information, takes photos, and can be reached